Orders, Confirmation and Payment


How do I place an order?
What kind of payment methods does Night Galaxy accept?
Is there a specific address and phone number I should add?
Why do I have to provide an exact billing address and phone number?
What should I do if my shipping address is different from my billing address?
What if I choose to pay with PayPal?
What is a PayPal confirmed address?
What if my credit card is billed to an address outside the United States?
How do I receive confirmation for online orders?
How do I receive confirmation for phone orders
How long does it take to process an order?
How long does it take for my order to arrive?
How can I check the status and track my order?
What happens if I don’t register during the checkout process?
I want to change or cancel my order. What do I have to do?
What if my order was shipped before a change could be made?


What happens if an item on my order is not in stock?
When does a backorder get shipped?
Will I be billed for out of stock items?

International Orders

Why are some products not available internationally?
What is the minimum value for international orders?
What payment options are available internationally?
What are the limitations of the order confirmation?


Can product pricing change?
Does a change in pricing influence my order?
What happens in the event of a pricing error?
I've found an item from another authorized dealer at a lower price. What can I do?


Are there any taxes that apply?

Product Returns and Exchanges


How does Night Galaxy guarantee 100% purchase satisfaction?
I'm not happy with my order. What can I do?
How long does it take to process product returns?
What are the conditions for obtaining a refund?
What happens if my item is defective?
What can I do if the product I’ve purchased is defective?
How are refunds applied?
What can I do if I’ve received a damaged item?
Can I get a refund for one or more damaged products?
Does Night Galaxy reimburse return shipping costs?
Are there any return exceptions?

High Value and Special Orders

What does Night Galaxy deal with high value and special orders?


How can I benefit from free shipping?
What shipping options does Night Galaxy offer?


How does Night Galaxy protect my credit card information?
How does Night Galaxy use the information collected?
Does Night Galaxy share my information?
What are cookies and how do you use them?
What information does Night Galaxy collects and what is it used for?
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